Variatiuni pe teme British!

M-am gandit sa postez pe acest blog unele teme dezbatute la cursul pentru adulti. Fiecare cursant a avut de ales o tema preferata pe care sa o dezvolte in scris si apoi propusa spre dezbatere si schimb de opinii cu colegii de curs.

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society”

 First of all, one must wonder if clothes make the man or a man makes the clothes. It is indeed a dilemma. In my opinion you have to take care of your look and attitude, first impression matters all the time, maybe you don’t have a second chance….:) So, if you have a good attitude, a good character and look nice and clean you have all the chances to be appreciated.    by Alina

 “Music is the universal language”

 Music has more power and influence on human emotions than any natural or artificial stimuli. Music certainly is a language, it is universal.It is a fact that humans can express themselves through music, music has an irresistible power over emotions; a sad melody can makes us sad, a fast lively melody can energize us while a slow peaceful melody calms down our tension.

Music is literally a natural drug because it releases you from every other worries. We tend to identify with a particular song to represent significant milestones in our life.Music enables us to interact with each other, on a level far above a spoken word. It can affect our moods and represent key experiences in our lives that ultimately define who we are.As a language, music speaks directly to the soul, our inner being. It speaks our moods and touches our emotions. It does not have to be understood, it has to be enjoyed! Music is the language I speak, it is a necessary part of my life.     by Vlad

 “Money makes the world go round”

 This cliché “Money makes the world go round” is thought by most of the people. Nowadays our society embraced this cliché like a cult of the individual. They think money rules everything and everybody. It may be true, sometimes if you don’t have money, you feel rather restrained.Most of the people lost true values like: believing in God, believing in harmony, peace; in our culture it is said that money represents “the eyes of devil”. You can buy everything except health and happiness. So, if you have lots of money without being happy or healthy, you’ll be miserable in comfort.      by Mihaela

 “Tomorrow is another day”

 This proverb is considered to be a very optimistic message. It gives you strength that the next day is waiting for you. It makes you feel better, it gives you power. For example if you had a bad day, this message gives you hope and courage. The following day could be a very good day for you. I think positive all the time, so I truly believe tomorrow brings something better!    by Crina



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