Time 4 English!

As a parent you can help your child to learn English in a variety of different ways.First of all, you need to establish an awareness of other languages, especially the English language. As you help your child to learn English, you’ll be broadening their horizons and helping them out in their future as well.

One reason that it is such a great idea to make sure your children learn to speak English while they are young is because children learn languages so much faster than adults. Children have the ability to learn languages quickly and their minds are like little sponges, soaking up all the information possible to learn a language.

How to Begin

As a parent, there are a variety of different things that you can do to help your children learn English. Simply opening up your child’s mind to other cultures and languages is definitely a great start. The following are a few things worth purchasing to get your child started out in learning English.

Children’s Books– One very helpful thing to have around to help your child learn English is children’s books that are written in English. First of all, you can use these books by reading them to your children in the English language.

 Reading to your child in English is very important, since reading to children has been proven to help their verbal development. So, even if your children are still very young, you can start now by reading English story books to them.

Flash Cards – As your child gets a bit older, some nice English flash cards may come in handy. Be sure that they are designed to help children learn English. Don’t just leave it up to your child to use the flash cards, but work with them and help them out with the flash cards. More than likely you’ll both learn a lot.

Games – Games are a fun and exciting way that you can get your child on their way to learning English. No doubt your children enjoy playing games, and you can get some great games that are designed to help younger children learn to speak the English language. Take the time to play the games as a family, and no doubt you’ll all learn new things about the English language.

Enjoy it!

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    ian. 08, 2012 @ 17:39:11

    super … multumim mult.


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