Club de Conversatie, Socializare si Creativitate in limba engleza pentru copii.

Dragi parinti,

Continuam seria activitatilor pentru copii, dupa cum urmeaza:

engleza grup 4-8

Grup (4-8 ani) Desfasurare clasa 80 minute.

* Circle time– new vocabulary, songs & games

* Jocuri de rol

 * Activitati creative si recreative

 * Reading time

  * Fruit snack/Gustare fructe

1-3 ani grup engleza

Grup (1-3 ani) Desfasurare clasa 45 minute.

* Circle time– new vocabulary, songs & games

*Activitati Senzoriale diverse

*Jocuri de motricitate, Jocuri de rol, Jocuri ce implica  memoria, logica, culori, forme, volum, lumea din jur;

  * Creatie  (pictat, modelat) in fiecare saptamana o activitate noua.

* Activitati bazate pe Loose Parts Plays & Natural Elements”= o joaca senzoriala cu obiecte simple, obisnuite din casa /curte incurajand astfel creativitatea si joaca imaginativa.

Mai multe despre Loose Parts Plays aici:

* Fruit Snack

Activitatile au loc dupa-amiaza, de la 18:00-19:20 (grup copii 4-8 ani), respectiv 18:00- 18:45 pentru grup copii (1-3 ani)

Inscrieri: 0757 525 372,

Locatie: Pipera-Voluntari

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Learn English through Sensory Play

Infant and toddlers learn through touching, smelling, seeing, hearing and tasting!

 What is Sensory Play?

Sensory play is simply play that encourages children to use one or more of the senses, often called “messy play”.

Sensory play experiences, focus on stimulating children’s senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, balance, and movement. Sensory experiences are like food for the brain…

 Benefits for Children

What The Research Shows:

Sensory play is important for the brain-  builds nerve connections that support thoughts, learning and creativity

Sensory play supports:

* language development,

* cognitive growth

* fine and gross motor skills

* problem solving/reasoning skills

* social interaction.

Sensory play gives children something new and exciting to experience

Sensory play can provide comfort and calm for a cranky, irritated child

Last but not least, participants are happier and have fun.

Engage children in a world of Wonder through Sensory Plays that stilmulates Sights, Sound, Taste, Touch or Smell.

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Reservation0757 525 372,

sensory activity

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