Cozy Autumn Bucket List


What is a Bucket List? It’s a list of achievements or experiences that a person hopes to accomplish during their lifetime or in this case, you want to explore during this autumn. You can also empower your kids to make or plan their own fun activities! 🙂 Take a look at some of our favourite outdoor and indoor activities:

toamna 2018


*Organize Fall picnic. * Go on a nature walk. * Make pumpkin cream soup * Bake an apple pie. *Visit the library. * Go to a museum.  * Ride a bike. * Visit a friend. * Read a book* Play children games. * Go camping. * Make crafts. * Get ready for Halloween. * Have a garden party. * Have a pyjama party. * Climb a tree. * Go hiking.  * Be a tourist in your city. * Go Scavenger Hunt. * Go rock collecting and paint them. * Make a leaf Mandala. * Play boardgames. * Have a homemade pizza party night. * Go to creative workshops. *. * Have a No-Media day. *Go to the countryside. * Visit a farm. * Go to Yoga class Mom & Me. * Go Apple Picking * Make Fall Recipes.* Go to Cooking Workshops * Change your look.*

Prof. Ana-Maria Sulu

(Teacher Anne)

FB/Engleza MultiSensory



Engleza MultiSensory 2016-2017

Engleza MultiSensory- Program Multisenzorial de invatare a limbii engleze deschide noul sezon de activitati, cursuri si evenimente pentru copii!

Folosind metoda LTP(Learn through Play)fiind considerata cea mai buna solutie de invatare a unei limbi straine, copiii invata limba engleza intr-un mod facil, creativ si diversificat! Clasele se bazeaza pe interactiune, jocuri de role-play, explorare senzoriala, muzica, miscare si dans, activitati de arts & crafts, story-telling. Temele propuse se schimba astfel, saptamanal. Periodic sunt organizate Petreceri tematice si Ateliere de gatit!

* Club Engleza pentru copii (2-3 ani impreuna cu un adult)
* Club Engleza pentru copii (3.5- 7 ani)
* Kids Yoga (3-6 ani) 
* Family Yoga

english club 2016

Beneficii activitati:

* stimuleaza inteligenta emotionala
* dezvolta imaginatia si creativitatea
* dezvolta vocabularul si abilitatile sociale.
* copiii se distreaza, devin relaxati si increzatori

Club engleza pentru copii 2-3 ani descriere: Activitati educativ-creative in limba engleza. Copiii invata limba engleza prin joaca si explorare iar activitatile propuse vizeaza conectarea copil-parinte, timp special, de calitate si multa creativitate!
In fiecare Sambata de la 11:00-12:00

Club Engleza pentru copii (3.5- 7 ani) descriere: Activitati educativ-creative in limba engleza. Clasa de conversatie si socializare, jocuri de role-play, jocuri de memorie, story telling, activitati de arts& crafts. Clasa se desfasoara dupa-amiaza in timpul saptamanii.

Ne gasesti aici:

Inscriere copii (2-6 ani): 0757 525 372,
Locatie- Pipera/Voluntari

Welcome back to English Class!

Bun gasit, tuturor!

26 Septembrie este Ziua Europeana a Limbilor.

Cu aceasta ocazie celebram diversitatea lingvistica si importanta invatarii limbilor straine si ne bucuram totodata de inceperea unui Nou An Scolar, cu noi clase de limba engleza pentru copii, workshop-uri educationale si multe alte surprize spre bucuria copiilor.

back to school poster engleza de nota 10

Va asteptam cu drag si voie buna sa sarbatorim impreuna Sambata, 26 septembrie, ora 11:00.

Agenda Event:

  • desfasurare activitati atractive in limba engleza pentru copii (3-10 ani)
  • gustare: healthy treats
  • party
  • surprises (toti copiii vor avea parte de o surpriza!)

*  Participarea se face pe baza de rezervare! (15 locuri)

         0757 525 372,

Let’s give a big Cheer for a new School Year! 🙂 

Club de Vara- Activitati creative si recreative in limba engleza pentru copii

Dragi parinti,

Urmeaza doua luni de vara: Iulie si August explozive in activitati.

learn with joy summer activitiesFolosind metoda LTP (Learn through Play) – fiind considerata cea mai buna solutie de invatare a unei limbi straine, copiii invata limba engleza intr-un mod facil, creativ si diversificat! In cadrul sedintelor ne place sa fim mici actori   (aplicand  jocurile de rol -“role-play”), sa exploram, sa inventam, sa fim creativi (desfasurand activitati de arts & crafts), sa cantam, sa dansam, sa citim povesti dar si sa cream povesti. Temele propuse se schimba astfel, saptamanal.  Sedinta este de 90 minute, include activitati + gustare fructe.

Toate aceste activitati:

  • stimuleaza inteligenta emotionala
  • dezvolta imaginatia si creativitatea
  • dezvolta vocabularul si abilitatile sociale.
  • copiii se distreaza, devin relaxati si increzatori

Dam startul Programului de Vara  pe 15 iulie!

Grupe copii:

* (1-3 ani) sedinte/ateliere cu activitati bazate pe stimularea senzoriala “Sensory Play”

* (4-8 ani)

Din seria activitatilor si atelierelor creative enumeram cateva, urmand sa primiti pe mail ( in urma inscrierii copiilor) Agenda completa.

Sub deviza „Learn with Joy” avem:

  • Jocuri de rol:  “ Going to the Market”, “Going to the doctor”, “Fashion Catwalk” , „Jungle Fun” etc.
  • Summer Fun Creative Workshops ( Fine motor activities, Gross motor activities)
  • Parties & Picnics
  • PLAY


Program de calitate pentru copii conceput si sustinut de Profesor de Limba Engleza cu experienta!

Info/Inscrieri copii:

0757 525 372

World Book Day! Sarbatorim Ziua Internationala a cartii!

‘There is no skill on earth that children want to acquire more than reading”
   Dr Marion Blank


Reading is a skill, not a natural talent.

To learn any skill children need

* opportunity

* support &

* time

World Book Day is a day to encourage reading, celebrated every year on 23rd April.

We are happy to celebrate something that we actually enjoy! So, children are expected to come on Thursday 23 rd April, at 18:00, to celebrate the pleasure of reading.

We’ll have special activities due to this celebration and many other surprises! 🙂

N.B  Bring your favourite book! 🙂 

Happy Book Day!



Spectacol de teatru si petrecere creativa pentru copii

„Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s Party” Robin Williams

          Dragi parinti,

Va asteptam cu drag si voie buna sa petrecem impreuna, Duminica 15 martie, ora 17:00. Ne intalnim cu mic cu mare, ca de obicei, la cafeneaua “La folie” din Pipera.

invitatie englezadenota10

 Organizare event:

  • Teatru interactiv- “Povestea Primaverii”- 30 minutetheatre-and-masks
  • Atelier creativ- spring arts & crafts ( cei mici vor fi ajutati de parinti)
  • Gustare- healthy treats
  • Party- action songs & funny games
  • Surprises

* Locuri: 15  * Suport artisti: 30 ron

* Copiii nou-veniti sunt invitati la o CLASA GRATUITA la unul din Cluburile noastre de limba engleza:

     ” Club Engleza Sensory Play (0-3 ani) 

     ” Club English my friend” (3- 8 ani)

Participarea se face pe baza de rezervare:

 0757 525 372,


Learn English through Sensory Play

Infant and toddlers learn through touching, smelling, seeing, hearing and tasting!

 What is Sensory Play?

Sensory play is simply play that encourages children to use one or more of the senses, often called “messy play”.

Sensory play experiences, focus on stimulating children’s senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, balance, and movement. Sensory experiences are like food for the brain…

 Benefits for Children

What The Research Shows:

Sensory play is important for the brain-  builds nerve connections that support thoughts, learning and creativity

Sensory play supports:

* language development,

* cognitive growth

* fine and gross motor skills

* problem solving/reasoning skills

* social interaction.

Sensory play gives children something new and exciting to experience

Sensory play can provide comfort and calm for a cranky, irritated child

Last but not least, participants are happier and have fun.

Engage children in a world of Wonder through Sensory Plays that stilmulates Sights, Sound, Taste, Touch or Smell.

Join us!

Try a FREE class!

Reservation0757 525 372,

sensory activity

Happy holidays!

Happy Holidays

Petrecere Creativa pentru copii “Santa’s Workshop” 2014

workshop 2014

Calling all children to celebrate the magical season of Joy & Love.

What we are going to do:

  • winter/holiday crafts projects (e.g of your choice: Christmas cards, Christmas tree, winter garlands, funny masks, box decorations)
  • a healthy snack is provided
  • party, surprises & raffle prizes
  • Santa’s Workshop Diploma


Date: on Thursday, 18 December

Time: 18:00-19:30

Place:  Pipera (will be announced after registration).

N.B. The little ones will be helped in crafting by their parents.


                             0757 525 372

Be our guest! Be Jolly & Creative! 🙂

Advent Calendar with creative activities for kids!

An Advent Calendar is a special calendar used to count or celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas.

I didn’t grow up with advent calendars, but I’m pretty sure children adore them.

You can buy one or you can be very creative and make one with your children.

Copy right snowman

This year I’ll use my “Snowman Advent Calendar” (it’s a special gift from a dear friend, from Austria), but the following years I’m going to make handmade calendars together with my daughter, Iris.

This activity gives children the opportunity to:

  • participate in a holiday tradition
  • exercise fine motor skills
  • generate enthusiasm for the festivities to come

Our calendar is filled with creative holiday activities, written on pieces of paper, but you can also put some small treats in each box if you like.

Copy right  englezadenota10

Here are some ideas for activities:

1 Read Christmas/Winter books

2 Snowman arts & crafts with a short poem (e.g “ I’m a little snowman”)

3 Rudolf arts & crafts with a song. ( Rudolf the Red Nosed reindeer or Five little reindeer)

4 Little Snowflake- paper craft & dance  (Little snowflake song or Dance like snowflakes )

5 Handmade Cards for family & friends

6 Donate presents  (The Shoe Box project)

7 Salt dough ornaments ( then you paint & decorate them)

8 Bake Christmas cookies

9 Make a Gingerbread house (made of felt or cardboard)

10 Make a paper Garland to decorate your house.

11 Make a paper Garland for your kids to dance with.

12 Make a Snowman Pizza

13 Write a Letter to Santa & a Thank you Note too!

14 Make a Fruit Christmas Tree

15 Write a list of 5 things or more you are thankful for.

16 Build a Snowman

17 Go ice skating

18 Sing your favourite carols

19 Winter Collage (can be a coloured/painted paper project or a sensorial bottle/box if you have a toddler like me )

20 Watch a Christmas movie.

21 Go out to look at Christmas lights after dark.

22 Christmas Tree decoration

23 Memory special card with kids’ handprints on it “Santa handprint”

24 Have a tea party with friends.

10624707_680589718726121_6355931909085047283_n advent_wreath_calendar feltgingerbread_house     Kiwi-Christmas-tree Simple-Activites-Advent-Calendar  Snowman-Christmas-Fruit-Platter

For your inspiration: Super simple Advent Calendars (DIY):

  • Advent Jar
  • Advent Banner with colourful envelopes
  • Advent Poster
  • Advent Wreath
  • Advent Garland with paper glasses and many more ideas here:

Halloween Party 2014

Parents and kids ( 2-10 years)!

You are invited to attend our Halloween Party 2014.

Date: on Thursday, 30 October

Place: La Folie Café,  Pipera

Time: 18:00

halloween 2014

We are going to organize funny (not scary) activities, interesting games & exciting contests. Children will also enjoy special snacks and treats and more other surprises.

Be our guest!

RSVP: 0757 525 372 ,

 Organizator: Cambridge Club-Engleza pentru copii

Fairy Party- Magic Moments

Magic moments, healthy treats and lots of fun – the perfect party combination.   „Fairy Forest” transported the children away to a magical world  of make believe, where their dreams began and enchantment  commenced. The activities they participated in included:

* arts & crafts: children decorated magic garlands

* a magic show (we danced, sang and played funny games).

* raffle prizes

We all had great fun, enjoyed the magic, the fun, the laughter!

Fairy PartyFairykidsfairy partyfairy partyFairy wishchildhood

Fairy Party- A Celebration of Children’s Play & Imagination

When Children are playing, Children are learning

Play expands intelligence, stimulates the imagination, encourages creative problem solving, and helps develop confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude toward learning. Dr Fraser Mustard

Fairy Event

As you know, our activities are designed to make chidren learn in a natural way! Childood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons! Childood is the world of miracle and magic, of laughs and pure joy! Chidren need to have fun, to explore, to discover, to use their imagination, to create, to be happy while playing, and by playing they are learning. We are doing all these, in our way!

What your child will learn at this party? Well, besides fun, he/she will do lots of activities that focus on:

* learn, practice & improve English

* learn about Nature and Autumn

* memory: words & songs

*imaginative play & creativity

* arts & crafts

* develop fine & gross motor skills

Join us for a magical time!

On Thursday, September 18, at 18:30

Parents are invited too!

RSVP: 0757 525 372,

* Fairy dresses & elves costumes encouraged but optional.

Engleza pentru copii- programe educationale

englezadenota10Cambridge Club- English for Kids pune la dispozitia parintilor mai multe programe educationale de invatare a limbii engleze, intr-un mod cat mai simplu, eficient si creativ:

* English My Friend– Program Interactiv de invatare a limbii engleze, cu accent pe: joc si activitati de socializare, proiecte individuale si de grup, teatru, role-play, arts & crafts. Participa copii de (3-8 ani). Se desfasoara dupa amiaza, in grup de maximum 8 copii. Sedinta dureaza 80 minute cu snack/tea-break intre activitati.

*Learn with Joy– Program Interactiv si Dinamic de invatare a limbii engleze prin: JOC, MUZICA si DANS.

Grupa: JOYFUL HEARTS (0-3 ani) Se desfasoara dimineata, cu o durata de aproximativ 45 minute.  Participa Copil/Copii+Parinte/Bunic/Bona

* Pregatire individuala/grup pentru diverse testari si examene Cambridge. Participa copii (7-12 ani).

 Materiale didactice folosite: carti, marionete, materiale audio-video,  flash cards, postere, instrumente musicale, mingi, pom poms etc.

Inscrieri copii: 0757 525 372,

Sa invatam cu bucurie! Learn with Joy!

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